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Please click here to email me!

Hi, Diane.

I'm Corey, and I'm writing to tell you that I just paid your web site a visit and I'm a huge fan of the 60s music, including your song, "Blue, Navy Blue". When you released "Blue, Navy Blue" in 1964, I was born 2 years later, in 1966. So I thought maybe you might be interested in knowing that.

Another thing you might be be interested in knowing is that one time when I was listening to the local radio, they had a radio show where they played songs from when you were a teen ager, and they played your song "Blue, Navy Blue". And I recorded that edition, unfortunately I lost that tape.

The first time I heard that song, it made me wonder if you were dating a guy who actually was in the U.S. Navy and you were inspired to write a song about it.

Corey Hansen

Dear Diane,

In '64 if someone gave me a choice between front row seats to a Beatles concert with a backstage pass or a second balcony seat for a Diane Renay event, I would have chosen Diane Renay in a heartbeat! Would make the same choice today! Thank you for being you!

Stephen Fuchs

Dear Diane,

I served from 1964 to 1968 in the United States Navy. That included one tour of duty in Vietnam from June1966 to June 1967. My fianc�, now wife, use to listen to both those songs while I was gone. They meant so much to her at the time. I went into Broadcasting after the Navy, and spent close to 25 years in that business. Gave me a chance to play those hits myself.

James Kerr

Dear Mrs. Renay,

I�m Reinhard Pirnbacher, presenter of the Radio Show "Pirni's Plattenkiste," which means "Pirni�s old records box" on Radio Salzburg � Austria. I want to inform you that on Sunday 16th of November there I will air two of your records due to listener's request.

This radio show is heard all over Austria and Germany via VHF, but also on Satellite European-wide and worldwide via Internet stream. I also have many German speaking listeners in the USA via Internet!

I wish you good health, all the best! Greetings from Salzburg, Austria!

Reinhard "Pirni" Pirnbacher

Hi Diane,

I was born Feb. 13th 1946. When your song came out in Feb. 1964 I was in boot camp in the Navy. After boot camp my girlfriend & I would go to the local Sweet Shop & she would play Blue Navy Blue.

I was shipped to Viet Nam for three years.Needless to say when I returned she had moved. We wrote letters to each other then one day they stopped coming but I survived.

Made it back from Viet Nam, met another girl, got married, had children and have seven wonderful grandchildren.

Thank you so much for the fond memories of your song.

Your Fan
Frank Morgan

dear miss renay,

i have only celebrated 17 birthdays so you might wonder why i enjoy your music so much. the reason is that i was born in 1948 on february 29 so i was a leap year baby. you can do the math to figure out how old i really am but i consider myself young at heart and that's the most important thing.

i have always loved your records blue navy blue and kiss me sailor. seeing a video of you singing them on your website is awesome. i also heard you do an interview with some deejay recently and he played watch out sally. i love that song too.

i have two brothers and they also like your records. the 1960s is my favorite musical decade and i always felt that those records were perfect pop singles. my mom and dad, who are sadly both gone, also liked your records a lot. so yes i come from a family of diane renay fans.

you have a very nice website. i love the pretty colors and harbor pictures.

i hope that you will consider including this on your fan mail page. i've been a fan of those records for 50 years! not bad for someone who is "only 17." ha ha!

tamara ("tammy") schrieber

Hi, my name is Evan and I am 14 years old, and the first record I bought was your Navy Blue album. I would just like to say that I am a huge fan and I am listening to Kiss Me Sailor as I type this.


Navy Blue is the first album I ever bought. Or my mom bought for me I should say. I was an asthmatic child and I would play that album over and over again staring at the covers thinking how pretty you are and how sweet your voice is. Now in my 50s I still enjoy this lp. It's a mixture of pop and in cases reggae. Kiss Me Sailor should have been a much bigger hit for you. It was beautifully produced and you layer your vocals over a still-funky instrumental track. Although the album was a best-seller, had one more single been issued it would have gone into monster sales. Soft-Spoken Guy, Please Forget Me, Unbelievable Guy and He Promised Me Forevermore all could have been that third hit. Thank you Diane for babysitting me as a child with your great lp and rich vocals. The songs are still on my iPod.

Rick Bueche

Hi Diane

I guess it must be weird to get emails from people you don't know, but I discovered your website by accident and just wanted to say hi. Actually I was at iTunes to purchase Navy Blue and I started wondering if you had a website. Hurray you do! Got it bookmarked.

There are thousands of rock n roll songs of course but even after all these years (but who's counting?) Navy Blue is still one of my favorites. And we're pretty close to the same age. Thank you for cheering me up a little every time I've heard it over the years. I wish you would have had more hits, you have a great voice and deserve to, but the music business is tough. If you only had one big hit, well it was a great one. You rock girl, best wishes!


Hello Diane

I noticed today July 13 is your birthday, so I thought I would email you. I have always enjoyed your song. The timing of your song in 1964 was very appropriate. It was played on the radio right after I joined the US Naval Sea Cadets in Feb 1964 (same weekend the Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan).Sea Cadets is a youth program that is Navy themed. We trained on a Navy base and ships and wore Navy crackerjacks with modified insignia. I got to go on cruises to San Diego and Vancouver, BC (from San Francisco) Very shortly after I joined, I began hearing your song played all the time on the radio. I always loved that program and the Navy and of course your song! I bought the 45 (Its still in my record collection!)

All my best wishes for many more!

Steve Dolgin

Dear Diane,

I was elated to see that you now have a website. I was born in 51 and was glued to the radio before I could speak. KILT 610 in Houston was AM Top 40 and that�s where I first heard YOU. You have some great tunes and you have An ALL TIME CLASSIC�����Blue Navy Blue ! I really like Kiss Me Sailor which I have on � Girl Grooves � Vol. 1 From �My Music� produced by T.J. Lubinsky , who I�m sure you have crossed paths with !

I saw you on American Bandstand along with many of the groovy Bobby�s , Dion, the Four Seasons, Little Peggy March, Brenda Lee, et al ���. I love your voice. I am going to order your double decker when I get home to my credit card.

What a wonderful life WE ( You and me and all of our friends ) have been able to experience growing up in the 50�s , 60�s , 70�s and beyond. As Baby Boomers we have experienced the greatest times ever from the advent of TV broadcasting and All of the GOOD THINGS it has brought, Captain Kangaroo, Lantz, Warner Brothers, Terrytoons, and Hanna Barbera Cartoons When we were little shavers. Your Hit Parade, American Bandstand, Ed Sullivan, * BOOM* The Invasion, The Smothers Brothers, Laugh In, Dean Martin, Sonny & Cher, Glen Campbell, Action��Neil Armstrong on the Moon���..etc. Things were genuine and wholesome as compared To the world we live in today ���..�REALITY�.� is FAKE and unless there is murder, depravity or graphic sex, very little has any worthwhile entertainment value it seems.

Oh Well ���.IT�S Great To See You and I love all of your Historical Pics of Diane Renay�s Voyage ! It�s Great that you pay Tribute to Our Armed Forces ��..those of the GREATEST GENERATION , whom without, We would have nothing !

God Bless You and Yours Diane and Best Wishes Always !

John E. Macrini Sr.
Hitchcock , Texas 77563

Dear Ms. Renay!

This is a very long overdue fan letter to one of my favorite singers. My dad graduated high school in 1955 and my mom in 1964, and true of every generation, they clung to that period of music which meant so much to them, the songs having become an integral part of their lifetime memories. By the time I came along in the 1980s, I was raised immersed in Golden Era records, as my parents, once they married, combined their individual large music collections. My dad collected the early rockers and doo-wop groups, and my mom, ten years later, faithfully bought up 45s from the teen idols like Ricky Nelson, Dion, Elvis, and Shelley Fabares�and one of her favorites, Diane Renay�s �Navy Blue� album. Your voice has the remarkable ability of projecting both simplicity and depth, restraint and emotion, joy and yearning.

I became an avid collector of 50s and 60s performers (particularly the neglected �girl� singers and groups), amassing quite a trove of music�thousands of songs spread out over hundreds of solo artists and groups. I scooped up everything I could find of your work (both on CD and vinyl). Like my parents, I can connect various �oldies� with significant moments in my own life, and since I�m gushing my love to you anyway, I�d like to take a moment to tell you my favorite pieces of your work that have special meaning for me: Of course I loved �Navy Blue� early on, but as I continued exploring your work, I fell in love with �Hello Heartaches,� �Growing Up Too Fast,� �Cross My Heart, Hope To Die,� and �Please Gypsy.� I love the two-disc anthology you assembled, and was extremely touched by your cover of �Somewhere Over The Rainbow,� which was difficult to listen to once I read your behind-the-scenes story of its production. Your rendition has even more significance for me, as I had it played during my father�s memorial service when he passed in September 2011. THANK YOU for the gift of your music and its positive affect on not just my parents� and my lives, but on my four adopted sons as well, who are each nurturing their own fondness and appreciation for you and my other Golden Era heroes.

A lifelong fan (literally!),

Trevor L. Tolliver

Dear Miss Renay;

I don't mind telling you (and perhaps I would not much have to convince you) that America was a much better place fifty years ago, and your music was one of the reasons which made it so. I actually liked the country then; a country with songs like 'Navy Blue' on the radio.

What was not to like?

Best Wishes,

David Bartlett
Keweenaw Bay, Michigan

My husband was in the Navy on the USS Fiske. I met him on Dec 7,1963 and we were married in Aug of 1964. He bought the album Blue Navy for me on one of his trips home. We used to paly it all the time. He used to sing the song to me even though he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket:). I still have that album. Everytime I hear that song or see the album I can hear him singing to me from Heaven. He passed away in 2008. I think of him whenever I hear that song.

Thanks for making that our song

Pat Guillot

It brings me back to when I was 12 years old and now I am 59.....Loved that song and still do....You are an example of what a guy likes in a girl......not the brainwashed womens lib that has estranged the sexes. I am happily married. God bless.

Charlie Solender

Dear Diane,

I am sending this from "Tokyo", Japan. In 1964, when your "Navy Blue" soared up to the No.1 on the Adult Contemporary single chart, I was 12 years old and now, 62, with white beard and two granddaughters��half a century already? Can't believe it.

However, even now, whenever I hear your "Navy Blue" which was a big hit in Japan as well, the song takes me back to those days like a time machine� the days of my being an early teenager.

Thanks, Diane, for your wonderful "Navy Blue."

Kazumitsu Fujihashi

Dear Ms. Renay,

My name is Roger Klein, and I'm a military retiree who served in the Army and Navy. (I retired in September of 1995). I began enjoying oldies music in the mid 70's as a teenager. I ordered some of the albums that were advertised on TV by K-Tel, Adam VIII, and the like with money I earned from various summer jobs, and started to feel then that there was indeed something special and unique about artists and groups like Del Shannon, Danny and the Juniors, Lou Christie, etc.

I really got into listening to oldies on a regular basis during a tour of duty in Hawaii in the late 70's. I first heard your song "Blue Navy" in late 1979, as it was a favorite on station KPOI in the great town of Honolulu. From what I understood at the time, it was one of the first stations in the U.S. to go to an oldies format. In the ensuing years, I would be stationed in other places that had outstanding oldies stations, like the D.C. area, Orlando, Florida, Norfolk, Virginia, and during a brief break in service, Denver, Colorado and Lincoln, Nebraska. Thanks to the Internet, I can now listen to them any time from a variety of stations. My favorites today are CFZM in Toronto, KEZW in Denver, KLBB in Stillwater, Minnesota, and KDTH in Dubuque, Iowa. (I am originally from there. I also lived in a small town in western Wisconsin that was located about 50 miles east of Minneapolis-St. Paul. An uncle was involved with the radio scene there for a number of years.)

I always liked "Blue Navy," and have it on a CD. It just has that light, catchy sound that anybody of any age can get to like. From what I saw on your website, it is very popular among those who served in the military, and understandably so. In a few verses you describe how a boy wants to do some travelling round, he leaves his girl to join the Navy, doesn't forget her during a port visit to Tokyo, and then after he's been gone for a while he gets a pass to come and see her. Back when your song was a hit, that was no doubt a common scenario as it still is to some degree today. It is especially touching to those of us who joined the Navy and saw a good portion of the world. (I never got to Tokyo, but did visit some interesting places in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and North Atlantic because my sea duty was carried out on a ship home ported in Norfolk. During my time in the Army, I was stationed in South Carolina, Hawaii, Georgia, Turkey, and the Pentagon. While in the Navy, I was at Great Lakes, Illinois, Orlando, Florida, and Bethesda, Maryland in addition to Norfolk.)

However, it wasn't always "fun" as we also had to perform all kinds of challenging tasks in all kinds of weather. Of course, we also faced the real threat of harm or death along the way. I lost a good friend in a helicopter accident in late 1990, and another would die from suicide in July, 1992.

Fortunately, I never had to experience the trauma of combat as so many of my fellow veterans have done. Thank you for the tributes that you've paid to them over the years with your benefit concerts.

Take care and thanks again for encouraging fans of oldies music to contact you.

R/Roger W. Klein, YN1(SW), USN(Ret)

Dear Miss Diane Renay.

My name is Susumu Asano.
I was born 1942 in Japan.
Today, as I heard Your "Navy Blue" by my cassette tape,
I missed you and decided to email you.
When I hear "Navy Blue," I feel Like "Back to The Future"!!!

Thank you very much About FIFTY YEARS.

Susumu Asano

Ms. Renay,

I'm so glad you are still singing! Although I was born in 1984, I grew up listening to your music�it was some of my mother's favorites. Everyday me and my four year old daughter put on your CD and dance to our hearts content. Please know that so many of us have danced to, day-dreamed to and love your music! I hope that one day my mother, daughter and I will be able to hear you sing live.

Lindsay (Rubert) Kahoe


Listening to some of my homemade 60s music cd's that I put together I found that I put Navy Blue on just about everyone of them and had to do some checking into whatever happened to one of my favorite singers with the most beautiful voice and found your site. I just had to send a little note to say hello and I hope things are going well for you.

Your fan

I am from Japan. I love you Diane. I have all of your records in Japan. I am very excited when I found your song in You tube. I am very happy to find you after long time.

Kenlex Ky

Dear Diane,

I just found your website. All I can say is Wow!

I've lived in the Windy City all my life and have always been a fan of pop music as long as I can recall. I remember so well when "Navy Blue" was popular. That was in 1964, when the Beatles invaded our shores! You must have been so proud to be in the top ten at the same time that they were in the top ten! I've heard "Navy Blue" so many times and I will never get tired of it. It's an amazing song and you do an amazing job singing it. I like "Kiss Me Sailor" just as much. And to watch you singing both of those songs in front of those veterans, that is just fabulous.

I know that you have brought so much joy to Nay-Yay-Vee men over the years. I served three years in the Arm-Arm-Mee. My cousin George served in the Navy and he has raved about your record often when we've spoken.

Your website is super and you are too. I love the Fan page. I am looking at it now as I write this. I hope that you'll consider putting this message on the page because I am a fan indeed and will always be.

Best wishes to you for a very good year.

Jeremy L. Pender
Chicago, IL

Hello Ms. Diane,

I am only 29 years old and was nowhere near alive when your Awsome songs were on the radio. I live in Houston and back in 1995 there was an oldies radio station that would always play "Navy Blue" on the radio. Being only about 12 it was strange for a boy to sing to that song ha ha ha. Last night I decided to look up who sang the song and learned that it was you. I also discovered some new gems that I've never heard before. To you they might be old, but to me they are the first time I hear them and I love them. Like "Kiss Me Sailor." It's incredible what a song can do to a person. I am truly an overnight fan. I posted a video of you from youtube on my facebook page so that people can hear your songs. I must admit I am in love with you now. Now for a woman to do that to a gay man is something else ha!

Your new fan,
Frank Gonzalez

Dear Diane,

I'm sorry this is 48 years too late but I just have to tell you that you had an effect on my life.

Thanks to an AM 740 Toronto, Canada radio deejay who played "Kiss Me Sailor" on his Friday Nite Bandstand show, it brought back memories of you and "Navy Blue" which he still plays also. I drained more batteries in my transistor radio waiting to hear "Kiss Me Sailor" in 64, 65 and 66 - when I was 16.

The Viet Nam war was started then in 68-69. I was going to get drafter so "Kiss Me Sailor" made my mind up. I was going in the U.S. Navy See Bees - well when the time came I found out I wasn't going to be smart enough for Sea Bees.

So I had to enlist in U.S. Army. I got to go to NCO Academy with the prize of going to Viet Nam. So in 71 and 72 that's where I was. Hated every minute but got back okay and retired from my job this week at 62.

Thinking back 71-72 was my most exciting years in my life and it's not as bad as I thought it was then but I do remind my U.S. representatives of any goofy ideas they get on war.

I watch all your videos at the library on YouTube. It seems like yesterday.

Love, Charlie
Campbellsport, WI


Loved your recordings...I was 16...17...18...impressionable helped me through those times with some great music. TY!


Dear Miss Diane Renay,

I am very glad that you have a fan page so I can actually write to you. I was born in the late 40s and was 15 when "Navy Blue" and "Kiss Me Sailor" were hits. I loved those records so much and I still do. I remember that when "Navy Blue" became a huge smash hit, the country was just becoming aware of four guys from England known as the Beatles. I have lived just outside of Cleveland all my life, presently in South Euclid, and back in 1964 my favorite radio stations were playing almost nothing except the Beatles and your recording of "Navy Blue." I wish I could go back to those wonderful days when music was so much simpler and so much more enjoyable. I love my three grown sons dearly but I can't quite get as much into the music that they enjoy. When two of them talked about Black Eyed Peas this past weekend when we got together, I thought they were referring to something that they wanted me to cook for them. It turns out that were referring to a rock group!

I just found your website today by accident. I love the shimmering "Navy Blue" image and the video of you singing it at a live performance. I remember seeing you on "Shindig." I may be mistaken but I don't think you sang "Navy Blue." But I did enjoy whatever you sang a lot.

It would not surprise me if most of your fans are guys. But I want you to know that there are many girls like me who appreciate you as well. My favorite girl singers of the 60s are Connie Francis, Lesley Gore, Brenda Lee, Dusty Springfield and, of course, you Diane Renay.

Best wishes,
Sue Ann Donnelli
South Euclid, OH

Dear Diane,

Your 2 big songs were huge hits here in Australia too, "Kiss Me Sailor" and "Blue Navy Blue" became the theme songs for the Australian Navy and Merchant Mariners, along with 'Lolitas' song 'Sailor'. I am thrilled to see you are still performing, (and looking absolutely gorgeous!) Your contribution to the great music of the 20th century is indisputable. These songs sound as if they were recorded yesterday, such is their musicality and quality. Thanks for thrilling so many millions of us Aussies too!! Much love.

Cap'n Tim
Byron Bay, Australia

Hi Diane,

My name is Al and I am 36 and was born in the wrong era! My mom gave me a Fisher-Price record player when I was 6 along with a Marvelettes and an Orlons album stuck in the same sleeve, The Fleetwoods' Greatest Hits, and Diane Renay-Navy Blue. I still have that album and would just like to let you know just how many years of enjoyment I have gotten out of it! My God-Father was in the Navy when it was released and was his favorite record. Since then, I have been collecting every 45 I can find of yours. I feel terrible that you and the other original singers dont make the money that you deserve for how many times I and all of my friends since I was a teenager in the 90's have listened to your songs. We live in Lorain, Ohio, and there is a really cool oldies station out here and my 9-year old step-daughter always requests "Kiss Me Sailor"!?! My favorite songs you sing are "A Present From Eddie" and "Troublemaker". I play them all the time, along with the rest. Just wanted to thank you for years of enjoyment from your records and let you know that you will always have fans of all ages!

Thanks Again,

Al Krakowiak

hello miss renay,

i found your website listed on youtube so I decided to check it about patriotic, those red, white and blue colors sure stand out.....i watched your video on your homepage where you performed for the veterans.....outstanding job.....i bet you and they were having the time of your lives.....i never served in the armed forces because of a serious medical situation that i've had all my life but my older brother tom was in the "nay-yay-vy" for four years....."navy blue" is his favorite record and one of my favorites too.....i like "kiss me sailor" too and you do a nice job on "soldier boy", i bet the shirelles would love it.....nobody can do "navy blue" as good as you, miss renay.

sincerely.....wayne jonathan standley

p.s. it's not definite but i believe i am a very distant cousin of a comedian named johnny standley who had a hit in the 50s called "it's in the book."

Hello Diane, I was only 8 years old in 1969 so I wasn�t able to enjoy the music while the artist were creating them and I feel as if I have missed an important part of our history. I thoroughly enjoy the music from the 50�s and 60�s and you are one of my favorite artist. You have a wonderful, beautiful voice and I thank you for sharing it with all of us.

I wanted to let you know that your music and talent continues to be rediscovered by newer generations that enjoys the excellent talents of the 50�s and 60�s artist. I hope you continue to release new CD�s and I will definitely order the one you have on your site. I am excited to find out I will be able to get an autographed picture of you.

Good Luck and Best Wishes

M Keebortz

Hello, Diane. I really think about your song Navy Blue often. I listen to Fifties on Five on Sat Radio daily. Navy Blue is the kind of song that sticks in your head and I certainly mean that in a positive way. Thankfully it plays a lot on that station. I looked you up on the internet and was happy I actually found you. I hope you're in good health. Thank you for the great memories of those good old days and have a great day, Diane!

George T. Farrell

Dear Diane,

Your cover version of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me"--which I have listened to many times since just discovering it this year and recently got a 45 of--is the stuff of female vocalist dreams. You should be wrapped in roses (no thorns) and bathed in blue moonlight for recording this wonderful disc.

All My Love To You,

David P. Johnson

Hi Diane! I love Blue Navy. I was in the Army.


WOW!!!!! You are still GREAT!!! Your live performance video is a tribute to all the Miltary. My Dad was a Lt. Col who flew the first jet and he told me years ago he met you at a reunion and?also Dorothy Lamour.


I was living in Norfolk VA, a Navy town, my Dad stationed there, when "Navy Blue" broke in 1964 and it was an absolute SMASH hit. It stayed at #1 on WGH for weeks and they must have played it every hour. It even knocked The Beatles out of the #1 spot.


Diane. You are so sweet! What a great song "Navy Blue" has always been to me! Come see us up here? in pretty New Hampshire some time!

Anthony Torrey